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"TALK" Trade

Simple online
OTC stock trade that
starts and ends with a "TALK"

Buy every OTC stock just as easily as you would trade Listed Stocks.
Make a trade with only a few chats.

Talk 거래 이미지
Talk 거래 이미지


Complete your way
to an e-contract, quick and easy

Break away from the existing uncomfortable transaction.
Experience a convenient online contract process.

Listed and Unlisted Stock Integration

My Wallet with both
Listed·Unlisted stocks

Are you still using multiple apps to manage your stock account?
See the stock valuation of unlisted and listed companies
at a glance with JStock.

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Over 5,000 OTC stocks

From Startup
to IPO

5000개 이상의 비상장 주식 이미지

Comfortably invest
in startups to IPOs.
Get information in more than 5,000
issued and unissued stocks on JStock.

Investment Review Reports

Automatically highlighted
OTC stock reports

Read OTC stock reports written by a partnering asset management company.

Explore our automatic highlight and bookmark features.

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JStock YouTube

YouTube channel dedicated to
OTC stock analysis

Watch our YouTube and learn about
pre-IPO stocks with a high possibility of listing.

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Stock Trade that starts and ends with a “TALK”





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